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Microsoft Office 365 Features [Infographics]

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  • Microsoft Office 365 Features [Infographics]

    Microsoft Office 365 is a service that Microsoft offers to businesses of any size. It allows organization to run their office automation tools and store their data undamaged and steadily using cloud computing expertise. When implemented properly, a business can introduce new technology into their association while diminishing overall IT costs.

    Rex Miller
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    Re: Microsoft Office 365 Features [Infographics]

    Hi Rex,

    Microsoft Office 365 becomes a big project because of Satya nadella, The man has really good knowledge of Cloud and his primary aim is to make ITC Works in CLoud. I like Microsoft 365 concept and it works awesome.


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      Re: Microsoft Office 365 Features [Infographics]

      Why we always give credit to one person only when something becomes successful? Anyway, I don’t expect to get an answer to this, because it’s a human nature, perhaps I am not the exceptional one. We always forget people, who remain behind the curtains or forced to remain behind the curtains.

      Back to the topic - Office 365 is a good product, but I see there is nothing so special. You may ask why?

      For example:

      SharePoint – it makes no sense for SMBs to use it, because its installation generally requires a heavy customization and paying for on-site SharePoint developers is just too much pain. May be because of this reason I have ever seen SharePoint only in large organizations who can afford to maintain own IT staff.

      And there is Lync, which I don’t get any more. Look, BYOD (Bring your own device) culture is taking over the workplaces so I cannot see Lync stands as much competitive in the upcoming years.

      Another point, there is nothing special about ~ActiveSync (Push Email) or Calendar Sync because today every collaboration suite offers these features.


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        Re: Microsoft Office 365 Features [Infographics]

        Originally posted by Irene9001 View Post
        I see there is nothing so special. You may ask why?
        I agree with you Irene and I was against offering Microsoft 365 on eUKhost. there's too much hatred for Microsoft these days and more you get addcited to microsoft products, more it complicates your business. one should not forget the cost involved, as Sharepoint licensing isn't a joke. let's seee if we get more support from other forum members, if yes, then we will discontinue offering Microsoft 365.
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