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Nokia branding to be removed from Lumia phones

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  • Nokia branding to be removed from Lumia phones

    Microsoft has announced that Nokia Lumia smartphones will soon be re-branded as Microsoft Lumia smartphones, completely removing Nokia branding altogether. While quite surprising since Nokia is a widely-recognised brand, it has been rumoured for quite some time that Microsoft may be heading in this direction. Here is an image direct from a Microsoft blog post of what Microsoft-branded Lumia smartphones will likely come to look like:

    Will you miss the Nokia branding? I'll be sad to see the Nokia branding go because their brand has been with us since the very start, but I think Microsoft have been, and will continue, Nokia's legacy for creating quality hardware. I have a Nokia Lumia smartphone myself and when I need to upgrade, the first thing I will be considering is a Lumia smartphone, so as long as Microsoft continues to create quality hardware, I won't have any hesitation to consider a Microsoft-branded smartphone. What do you think?