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Top 6 Most Popular E-commerce Solutions Complete Review

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  • Top 6 Most Popular E-commerce Solutions Complete Review

    When it comes to beginning your online shop, there are many matters to take into consideration, and one of the most important factors is which platform you will utilise to create a website for your e-commerce online.

    There are a number of e-commerce solutions available for a quick start with flexible features and cost saving measures to make an online business successful. However, with so many choices, it is also hard to determine which one is good for you.

    We are reviewing six of the most popular e-commerce solutions that you can use to arrange and handle your online store. These platforms will help you build a quick online presence up and running within a few hours and they are all available on eUKhost web hosting services.

    Most Popular e-commerce solutions are,

    1. Magento

    There is no doubt that Magento is an advance e-commerce platform for online stores. It is built with flexible features required to set up a powerful e-commerce site. With suitable extensions and documentation, it is extremely customisable through its admin interface, and thatís why Magento has become the first choice of web developers across the world.

    Magento eCommerce software is available in two versions - the open-source free community version, and the paid Enterprise version. The enterprise version is advanced and built using improved functionality but it is not cost-effective.

    Our completely managed Linux VPS servers are proficient to host Magento e-commerce software on industry leading hardware to deliver splendid online performance and security to your store.

    • Exceptionally powerful ecommerce software with flexible features.
    • Easy to customise and configure.
    • Number of high quality and professional templates and add-ons available.
    • Secure integration with industry leading payment gateways
    • Magento has all the features to move a step ahead with your business with no need to upgrade to a larger solution.

    • Difficult to customise if you Ďre not tech savvy
    • Absence of quality support for Community version
    • Magento is a bit complex to manage because its advanced functionality might confuse new users. However, Magento is the widely used e-commerce platforms, and should be considered for large e-commerce stores.

    2. PrestaShop

    To create a strong online presence PrestaShop is the most effective and feature enabled open source e-commerce software used by 250,000 shops worldwide. It is easy to develop your online store with PrestaShop's free shopping cart software available in 60 different languages. Hundreds of powerful brands are using PrestaShop to build a strong and powerful online store with advanced and interactive responsive website templates. It is written in open source programming language PHP with back end database management system support MySQL, which takes very less time to set up and run on our secure Linux dedicated servers.

    With more than 300 advanced built-in features for management of different products, payment gateways, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.

    The PrestaShop web template system allows users to customise their store themes and add new features through add-on modules. You have the choice to select Add-ons from the PrestaShop marketplace, the platform for third-party developers to sell themes and modules to merchants.

    • Complete control
    • Mobile-responsive design
    • More than 2,000+ professional ecommerce website templates
    • PrestaShop Partner Agencies

    • You have to purchase few important PrestaShop Modules because they do not come with solution pack.
    • Limited customization because of Script architecture

    3. osCommerce

    With 7,000+ Add-Ons and 15 years of strong ecommerce software, community experience osCommerce is at the top of the most popular e-commerce and online store-management software program. The flexibility helps you build and grow your online store with the functionality you need.

    It is good to use its latest version because hackers have compromised this platform many times and it would be great if you protect your store with an additional online security. The MTv Website Security as a Service is a malware and vulnerability scanner developed by eUKhost can help protect your website against any online intruder activities.

    With the basic design, a newbie can have a quick start in small amount of time. The lightweight code can help improve response time and loading speed, which can benefit a business to earn search engine advantages. osCommerce takes no time to set up easily installed from cPanel hosting control panel through Softaculous.

    • Open-source community support and free
    • Advanced features and easy to customise
    • Easy to install with a wide range of plug-ins and support
    • Improve functionality, response time and download speed

    • Security issues
    • Very few advanced templates available
    • Outdated design
    • The real power of osCommerce lies in the add-ons, which can make your store interactive and features will help you get a quick start.

    4. WooCommerce

    If you are familiar with the WordPress platform, then WooCommerce is an open-source free to download WordPress plug-in you can use with the platform, which is extremely easy to use and configure. It takes very less time to set up and run your shop with flexible tools and features with high-quality plug-ins to enhance it even further. It is built with a very strong SEO basis to earn search engine advantages with standard shopping cart components like inventory, coupons, shipping, and PayPal as a standard payment option with other payment integrations.

    Our industry leading Wordpress web hosting packages are configured with pre-installed WordPress, Auto-update, Free transfer/migration, Varnish Cache and Nginx, Optimised MySQL, Memcache support with Daily backup the perfect environment to host WooCommerce with online security.

    • Takes no time to set up and configure
    • Select from a broad collection of WordPress plug-ins
    • One-page checkout with Payment gateway integration

    • WordPress installation is necessary
    • Lack of quality support
    • For an immediate start up with small store, WooCommerce is prefect with WordPress installations; over 380,000 online retailers have taken it.

    5. OpenCart

    A powerful open source shopping cart system that is designed with feature rich user friendly tools to give you a wonderful start. The intuitive admin control panel allows you to have complete control over your resources with great extensions for even more customisation.

    OpenCart is a responsive e-commerce platform designed and developed with discount coupons, product ratings and reviews, and unlimited categories. OpenCart can be installed within one click but to make it work according to your needs you will need to have effective coding skills.

    • Integrated features like: Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter and many more
    • More than 700 add-ons and extensions with in-built payment processors
    • The Intuitive Admin interface allows you to edit CSS for easier layout changes

    • Very few interactive themes available
    • Web designing and coding, technical knowledge and experience is must

    6. Zen Cart

    Zen Cart is an open-source e-commerce online store management solution developed using PHP with MySQL database and HTML components. It is maintained and managed by a community of developers and designers from all over the world. It is available in different languages and currencies with advanced e-commerce software platform.

    The Zen Cart is extremely customisable, which means that, with some knowledge of code, you can transform the front-end of your e-commerce store into anything you wish. You can also sell downloadable products, such as e-books and software, and there are marketing tools in the admin interface, such as newsletters, banners, gift cards, and coupons.

    • Hyper active community and easy customisation
    • More than 2,000 plug-ins available

    • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL coding is must
    • Not responsive with standard templates
    • With a bit of skill, Zen Cart can give you a powerful and professional e-commerce store easily.

    Now itís your turn to decide which e-commerce platform works best to establish your successful online store because competition is fierce when it comes to features and usability, but we are ready to deploy it online with completely managed eUKhost web hosting services.
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    Re: Top 6 Most Popular E-commerce Solutions Complete Review

    Magento is very prevailing software that comes with supple features. Magento ecommerce software has a huge community that consists of developers, users and service providers across the globe. I appreciate this easy to comprehend review about popular ecommerce solutions. Great post.


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      Re: Top 6 Most Popular E-commerce Solutions Complete Review

      I was actually in a dilemma as to which is the best online platform for my needs. This post says it all. I really don't have to go on asking people and experts to come upon a decision. Thanks for the post!!


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        Re: Top 6 Most Popular E-commerce Solutions Complete Review

        PrestaShop is an e-commerce open source solution that helps guide the user through the product catalog on the ecommerce website sensibly and smoothly and this may turn the attracted visitors into paying clients. PrestaShop is easy to install, easily customisable and the system requirement for PrestaShop less.


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          Hey, everybody!

          If the Open Source Ecommerce Platforms choice are still relevant for you, so I recently came across a good article on this subject:

          If you are considering to choose any of these platforms for your business:
          • Magento Community Edition
          • osCommerce
          • OpenCart
          • Spree Commerce
          • PrestaShop
          • Zen Cart
          • WooCommerce
          • JigoShop
          • Drupal Commerce
          • VirtueMart
          then the pros and cons of the most popular Open Source Ecommerce Platforms are well laid out here. All details are very well described.