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    .EU domain name registration/transfer

    EURid is the Domain Registry that manages the .eu country code top-level domain[CcTLD].

    Any individual, Company or Organisation based in the European Union can register a .EU domain name. .EU domain names can be registered for the period of 1 - 10 years.

    .EU registry, changed the process of domain transfer and the change of Registrant details. Also, auto renew is no more applicable to this TLD. The process is as simple as we do for the gTLD domains. Registrants are now able to update contact information for their domains.

    For domain transfer, one should contact current registrar and ask them to provide Authorisation code, with the help of which, we initiate a transfer request for the domain. Domain transfers immediately owing to the fact that transfers are "per-validated" . ID Protect is not applicable to .EU Domains.

    You can contact Billing Department any time for the registration of .EU domains.

    In addition to .EU domain transfer

    Educate yourself by using simple method of transferring .EU Domain

    1. For transferring .EU extension, you do not require Auth. code from your current Registrar.

    2. Lock / Unlock system does not exist over here for .EU extension.

    3. The authorization email is sent by the central registry (EURid) to your registrant email address. To approve the transfer process click the link provided in the email.

    4. Transfer process once completed extends the expiration period 1 year from the transfer completion date, not from the current expiration date.

    5. After the successful transfer of .EU domain name. All your name servers get vanished off. So, to get it back again you need to log in to your account and set them again.

    Austin K


      You can provide authorisation code to new registrar to speed up the process.
      If you provide authorisation code it means that you have confirmed the transfer of your domain Eu registry then process the transfer immediately.