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    Manage NOMINET Account

    How to Manage NOMINET Account ?

    To facilitate the day to day activity our clients carry out for their .UK extended domains, here is a simplified method upon how one can manage domains from ones respective NOMINET account.

    NOMINET A/C Login :
    You need to click on (access your account) and provide your admin contact email address. NOMINET will send you the login details email to the admin contact email address of the registered account.

    Your Domain :
    1. Can the account name be changed ?
    You can change the details by logging into your NOMINET account. Simply click the 'Account' tab and further edit the 'Organisation Details' section.

    2. Can the registration certificate be downloaded. If so how?
    Certificate can be downloaded by logging into your NOMINET account. Click on 'Your Domains' option which will give you the details on all the domains that are registered under your account. Click on the "download" tab parallel to your domain name under Your Domains.

    Registrar Change :
    Registrant can directly change the registrar by contacting NOMINET as well as by paying the Registrar change fees. The registry charges £12.00 GBP which is inclusive of VAT.

    Registrant Transfer :
    Registrant can transfer his domain name to another person. Each transfer is chargeable which is £12.00 GBP per domain.

    Cancel Domains :
    Registrant himself can cancel his domain name by logging into his domain control panel. Once the domain name is cancelled, it will be available for fresh registration, anyone can grab the domain name which will be on a first come first basis.

    Account Settings :
    Settings Summary :
    Your Details :
    -Registrant can update / change the contact details of his NOMINET account.
    -Registrant can change the security questions.
    -Role : Registrant himself is the administrator of his NOMINET account.
    -Password : Registrant can change the password of his NOMINET account.

    Your Account :

    • Registrant can change the registrant type from Individual to UK Limited / UK Limited company /
      UK Public Limited Company / UK Partnership / UK Limited Liability Partnership / Sole Trader /
      UK Registered Charity / UK Entity Others / Foreign Exchange and other Foreign Organisations. An additional charge needs to be borne by the registrant for that purpose.
    • Registrant can select Public Register Opt-Out option.
    • Registrant can update the Admin contacts / Billing Address / Administrative address.
    • Even Merge Accounts option is available.

    Dispute Resolution :

    Make a Complaint : Registrant can open a dispute directly with NOMINET if he has any.
    Click on “Show all complaints” will show you all the current on going complaints which Registrant has opened about his domain name.

    Contact Details :
    Registrant can directly contact NOMINET by logging into his NOMINET account or else by phone. You may view the contact details here : Contact Nominet

    Registrant only needs to fill a short form, before placing an email to NOMINET.

    Note : If any one who has registered .uk domain name with NOMINET, who does not have his NOMINET account or didn't receive the login info, he can click on the below provided URL and enter the registered admin contact email address. NOMINET will send the login details to the registered administrative contact.

    NOMINET Contact :

    Benefits of Merging of NOMINET accounts : It will be very easy to operate one single account for a number of domain names registered with NOMINET.

    Hope all the information is adequate in a manner to get you through quickly. Kindly contact our Billing Department for any queries by sending an email to billing[@] .