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tactics for domain name choosing

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  • tactics for domain name choosing

    1 Generic names are cool but most of them are reserved by domain registrant. Forgetting about registering single word (or phrases) as your domain name.

    2 Both short and long domain names have their pros and cons. Short domains are easier to remember and easier to be ‘branded’; long domain names on the other hand may consist of more keywords. Search engines will use the keywords of a domain as part of their ranking factor -thus benefiting keyword-riched long domain names.

    You are welcomed to add your tactics!

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    If possible you should always try to grab the most relevant domain name to your business/niche which will help you in website optimization & branding of your services. Just my two cents.


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      When you have to choose from 2 domains, let's say a short one, easy to remember VS a longer one, containing keywords, I'd always recommend go for the first option. Remember that the user is the most important to you. Indeed the keyworded domain name helps in SERPs, but you can do well without that too.


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        If your main aim is to drive lots of traffic through search engines, then I guess you should choose an easy to remember + keyword rich domain name. If you are planning to drive visitors via paid advertising and branding then a short catchy domain name should be chosen.


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          It's always recommended to keep the domain names short, simple and catchy. Also, it would be great if keyword rich domain is selected for the business.


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            All being true, it is equally important to have a niche specific domain, something that describes the nature of a website.

            It's true that most of the generic domain names have already been registered and its usually a tough job finding the most appropriate one that best suits the theme of a website. One can try finding synonyms to the generic term and check its availability. Making a list of such domain names should help you find the best alternative.
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              Re: tactics for domain name choosing

              It should be short and maybe funny or should have 2 different meanings you know..I love these and always thinking about names like this.