I am not able to register a .de domain, what could be the cause to this problem and what is the solution?

Usually the .de domain registration attempt fails due to the following two reasons:

1. The Administrative contact for the domain should have a German address.

If the admin contact you have specified for registering a .de domain does not have a German address, then DENIC, the registry that manages the .de domains, would reject your request. A solution can be to offer a valid German address during the preregistration stage.

2. Invalid Nameservers

.de domains have different regulations regarding nameservers.

DENIC have a DNS tool from where you can check if the DNS you'd like to use will be accepted for updates, or registration. You can follow the following link to check DNS :nast: www.denic.de

It is mandatory that you have a minimum of two DNS's, and both should not be located in same C class IP. You can follow the below examples :



Can I register a .de domain if I am a non-German resident ?

Yes, a non-German individuals or institutions having a legal capacity who is not located in Germany can register .de domains. But, it is mandatory that you appoint a native German individual as an administrative contact and who posses a postal address for communication purposes. The administrative contact then becomes an authorized agent by the domain holder to receive service of official or court documents within the meaning of the German Code of Civil Procedure and the German Code of Criminal Procedure. This is to avoid any individual or company to avoid the hassle of posting legal notices to individuals residing in other/distant countries. Moreover this may also cause a waste of time to settle the claims and other legal matters.

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