Urgent Assistance Required - My main domain is showing Terminated?

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    Urgent Assistance Required - My main domain is showing Terminated?

    I recently renewed and paid for my main hosting package and at the same time in every previous year, the domain which goes with it which is www.gwlogic.com was also renewed. This has happened every year since 2007 since I started using EUK. The domain 'Next Due Date' was showing as 18/03/2018. But it is also showing as 'Status' expired.

    I just attempted to log in to my ftp account for gwlogic.com and have found out after looking through my clent area domains that www.gwlogic.com is showing as 'Terminated'. This cannot be correct. This domain always renews at the same time as I pay for my hosting. I have tried clicking on 'Renew Domain' at the bottom of the page and actually made payment of another 11.99 for gwlogic.com. Now the 'Next Due Date' is showing 18/03/2019.

    Could someone please look into this ASAP? I need this domain name to be active so I can upload to my hosting as it is the domain tied to my hosting package. I am currently unable to upload any website files because of this issue. I have submitted a support ticket on the subject and marked its priority as 'Urgent'.


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    Chances are that you might have untick the renewal option by mistake?