Who else has had their plan cost increased 138% mid term? Is this reasonable?

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    Who else has had their plan cost increased 138% mid term? Is this reasonable?

    Hi - I was really shocked to receive a ticket telling me my plan was increasing by 138% next month - and this despite having already paid yearly in advance up until Feb 2023. I understand that the cpanel costs to Eukhost have increased - however this increase seems to be something of an overreaction to that!
    I'm interested to know what other shared hosting customers are thinking of this move?

    Hi Chris,

    While it is true that prices of most of our hosting services have undergone a price revision lately due to vendors cost increase as well as due to recent significant increases in wholesale energy prices, the increase is certainly not 138%! The notification emails we sent out clearly state the percentage of increase as 7%.

    Please provide us your plan details so we could check and explain.
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      Morning Chris,

      Unless you are on the old outdated legacy reseller plans, then there has been no price increases of anything beyond 7%.

      A small amount of customers are on the outdated reseller plans and the business is no longer able to absorb the licence fees and hardware costs to make those plans feasible and maintain the service quality you deserve, we have done all we can over the years to absorb the losses, but its just not possible anymore, cPanel this year alone increased their pricing by 10% and in the last few years completely changed their pricing structure.

      If you can please send Ryan your details we can check further for you.

      Kind regards,


        Hi Robert/Ryan,

        Thanks for the response. Yes you correct this is a legacy plan from 2006 so perhaps it doesn't affect many users?
        I have also been in contact with Paxton via the support ticket and having checked that I had quite a few defunct sites no longer needed I have deleted several installs to bring the total number below 25 and qualify for the lower package. In additional Paxton has agreed that the price increase will be applied at the next renewal date - so I am happy that is a reasonable compromise.

        best regards


          Hi Chris,

          That is great to hear and amazing that your such a long term customer, thank you so much for your valued custom and all the best for the future.

          Really pleased to see your still using these forums, we aiming to revive them like the old days (hopefully) and very much welcome you posting.