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    Setup Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

    We have made it extremely easy to deliver the best online payment experience to our customers. Now they can setup an auto recurring payment for their products or services without any hassle. A recurring payment helps you to :

    1. Avoid delay in payments.
    2. No interruption in services.
    3. Fixed date of the payment.
    4. No need to keep a track of invoices or reminders.
    5. Saves time and needless login to the client area.
    6. You don't need to pay the Late fees.

    PayPal Subscription

    Customers can create PayPal Subscription to avoid the manual payments every month. Once you receive an invoice, login into your client area. Once you are logged in, please navigate to "My Invoices". Click on the button "PayPal Subscribe". Please make sure to create your subscription before the due date. Once the subscription has been created, the invoice amount will be automatically debited from your PayPal account every month.

    SagePay Auto Recurring Payments

    Customers are able to have their credit or debit card charged automatically each month for outstanding invoices for EUKhost products or services. In order to set this payment method, you will need to login to the client area and submit your credit or debit card details. Click on "My Details" and then click on "Change Credit Card Details". Your Credit or Debit card thereon will be automatically charged on the due date for any new invoices generated by our system. This payment method is available for all new and existing customers with a Visa, American Express, Maestro and Maestro card. However, you need to initiate first payment from your client area and thereon card would be charged automatically depending on the billing cycles.

    Gocardless: Direct Debit Payments

    You would be able to set a direct debit / recurring payments for your services at EUKhost by following the below steps :

    Login to your client area at EUKhost.
    Click on the unpaid invoice.
    Select the payment mode "Direct Debit" from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the respective invoice.
    Click on "Setup Direct Debit”.

    Finally, the webpage would redirect to the Gocardless page. You need to fill-up the requested information, and you are done with setting up an Online Direct Payment!!

    Standing Order

    A Standing Order is also an automatic regular payment which you can setup in your Bank. It can also me amended however varies from Bank to bank. You may also refer