Managing Domains From Client Area

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    Managing Domains From Client Area

    Managing Domains From Client Area

    Using our revised client area interface you can easily manage your domains. You can now keep track of all the domains you own, can check their status, renewals, can amend the contact information and also have a feature to update the nameservers.

    Using the following steps you can easily view and can manage the domain details:

    Login into Client Area >> Services >> Manage Domains:

    You will now get a page wherein all the required details of the domains are displayed.
    Domain status is referred by different colors which will help you to identify the status like Active, Pending, Expired domains.

    You also have an option to get more details of the required domain just by clicking on the “View Details” under Action column.

    Domain Details:
    A complete Domain Information including Date of Registration, Payment Method, First Payment Amount, Recurring Amount, Next Due Date, Registration Period and Status is displayed.

    Allows you to view and update where your domain points. To change Nameservers just add the new one and Save Changes.

    Domain Status:
    Auto Renewal Status: This feature allows you to set the required domain on Auto Renew mode which will enable the system to create a renewal invoice. The invoice would be sent before 30-days of the domain due date hence you can make the payment and can secure the domains before expiry.

    ID Protection:
    Here you can view if the “ID Protection” is enabled/disabled for your domain name.

    Management Tools:-

    Renew Domain: You can renew the domain name in advance; system will create an invoice for you.

    Disable Auto Renew: You can choose this option when you do not wish to extend the domain registration period. The domain name will expire naturally at the end of billing period and no invoice or renewal reminder will be sent to you. (We recommend using this option only when you are completely sure of not renewing the domain name.)

    Request Cancellation: This option allows you to place a cancellation request for unwanted domain names.

    Transfer Domain: This option allows you to place a domain transfer request.

    Contact Information: You can view and update the contact information of your domain name.

    Re: Managing Domains From Client Area

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information Francis, very helpful!
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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