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  • Ryan
    Re: EUKhost or

    Hello Pete,

    The missing ticket YRF-766-92720 is now visible in your account.

    One of our techs while responding to your ticket mistakenly replied from Webhosting UK mailbox which is why it disappeared. We apologise for the confusion.

    Please feel free to contact us should you require any other information or assistance.

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  • petedaines
    started a topic EUKhost or

    EUKhost or

    Hope someone can advise

    I have a VPS with EUKHOST - and had a support ticket open for it. However the support ticket has now been changed to being from Webhosting UK Support and has disappeared from my EUK dashboard

    Please can someone look into this!! Ticket thats missing: YRF-766-92720 and ticket raising this issue: XRU-378-44860

    Thank you