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    Double Billing..


    I've been a client of EUKHost for something like 8 years. Ordinarily I'd go to the support folks and my question there, but I've been told my wait time is 30 seconds for the last 30 minutes, so I figured that's somewhat broken.I tried again and spoke to a guy in sales who immediately put me in the never ending 30 second queue. (oh well.)

    My issue is this :

    You recently invoiced me for my annual plan, which I also happened to downgrade recently. The invoice you sent me was to cover the period until Feb 2017

    I settled this invoice on 11/3/2016 and you acknowledged this with a mail with a transaction ID. It is also clearly visible in my client area. I also have proof from PayPal that the payment went through.

    Now today (2/4/16) you sent me another invoice for the same plan, same period and same cost and then immediately suspended my website. (very efficient of you).

    I'd like an explanation for this attempted double billing as I have proof that the payment was made and accepted. I would also like you to explain the reason why my website is suspended as I can see no reasonable cause or reason. Fortunately this is not my business website or we'd be having a very different conversation.

    It is embarrassing to say the least that your suspend notice asks the website owner to contact your billing dept, especially when the website has been suspended in error...

    I look forward to your prompt explanation and to receiving your proposal for compensating me for my website being taken down due to your error.

    Kind Regards,

    Lewis. (eUKhost - This Website Has Been Suspended)

    Re: Double Billing..

    Hello Lewis,

    We regret the inconvenience caused due to this issue. As explained in ticket CRX-623-55746, the next due date remained unchanged in the system after the package downgrade request was processed and due to next due date of older package set which was 21-02-2016, this entire issue transpired.

    We have set the correct due date in your account and the service has also been re-instated since yesterday. We will soon get back to you with the compensation details in the same ticket.
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