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  • 150-day cookie tracking

    I am very impressed with the 150-day cockie tracking period offered by your affiliate program. I've checked out the competition and most of the other companies fade in comparison. They offer a maximum of 90-day cookie expiration period. You guys offer five months! I'm going to recommend your affiliate program to everyone...

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    I agree. This is one area where eUKhost takes a lead. They also offer a real good commission to their affiliates take a look at their Affiliate Programs.

    Not many people might be aware about their latest product named the "Website Passport", having this added to a website can help earn trust from the website visitors. Smart affiliate marketers can make good use of this product to confirm their authenticity.


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      This sounds like a great affiliate program. More companies should treat their affiliates this well.

      It makes you wonder why people go with other companies that only credit you with a sale if it happens within a few days of their visit to your site.


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        The 150-day cookie is evidence that eUK values its marketing team. Those are the companies that are still around with active affiliate programs into the future. That's a deciding factor for me since affiliate marketing is an excellent chance for residual income.


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          Yes indeed. A number of individuals tend to make a good side income by joining such affiliate programs. There are couple of individuals who even earn their living just by promoting the products and services offered by a company and take a handsome commission.

          You need not be a tech savvy person to do that. The will to take efforts is all that matters, you'd soon learn the knack of it once you start working on that. In the meantime you may keep upgrading your knowledge and align it with your efforts to reach the goals.


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            It's good that you don't have to be tech savvy. Even so, I do try to keep upgrading my knowledge as Matt pointed out in his post. It makes it easier to write about the "web hosting world" in a way that will hopefully attract web hosting customers.