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this ranks high on the affiliate programs list

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  • this ranks high on the affiliate programs list

    I just want to say thank you to eUKhost for creating an affiliate program that truly respects webmasters and affiliates. One only has to look around at affiliate marketing in general to really appreciate what eUKhost offers. (I have and most don't even compare!) The cookie tracking over several months and the commission structure is probably causing quite a few webmasters to give affiliate marketing another chance.

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    I second to Addison, Eukhost offers a cookie period that none other company in my knowledge offers. Moreover the commission that an affiliate can earn is much larger that what the other hosts offer.

    If we put in serious efforts with promoting the products offered by Eukhost, we should definitely be able to make a handsome money


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      I agree! You should also consider the type of product and its demand. How many products and services are in such high demand and purchased as regularly as those related to web hosting? This is a good deal in all respects - the company, the commission, the cookie, and the consumability rate.