To succeed at MLM, you have 2 choices!

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    To succeed at MLM, you have 2 choices!

    The key to success, unlimited sign ups and customers in your network
    marketing business is this:
    You have to get a way to become invited into your prospects world
    instead of seeming like a pest to them.

    You have 2 choices!

    You can write down the names of 200 of your personal and closest
    friends and relatives and just keep trying your best till you get
    something. Maybe you think that the more 'NOs' you get you might get
    closer to a 'YES!'? No, you won't!

    Or you can position yourself in a way that makes the prospects find
    and contact you. The second option is better because, unlike the first
    one where you have to go after your prospects, your prospects are now
    coming after you. In other words meaning 'the hunter has now become the