Why the Signup process is fuzzy & confusing?

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  • Ryan
    Hi Charles,

    We appreciate your feedback on the sign up process through our website. We are in process of redesigning our website and it will be live in the next few days so we will review the order process as well along with it and cut down on the lengthy process wherever possible.

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  • charlesgan
    started a topic Why the Signup process is fuzzy & confusing?

    Why the Signup process is fuzzy & confusing?

    We take another look at eukhost signup process and hope to find a reason why affiliate conversion had fall dramatically in recent months. We found this instead:

    The signup process for linux shared hosting plan is look like this.
    1. choose your hosting plan.
    2. confirmed your hosting plan by selecting from 5 of the choice given (again)
    3. register /select a new domain & select category from 5 choices (what is this?)
    4. 14 domain suggestion given and ALL had been ticked. Do we need all being ticked? After unticked all other unwanted domains, we are able to proceed.
    5. next, choosing billing cycle.
    6. then, choosing domain ID privacy
    7. confirmation & enter coupon code. We enter in code and verify the code and proceed to checkout.
    8. enter details and choose payment method and make payment.

    this is the longest signup process we had ever seen.
    Can't it get any simple than this?