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    May I please know how do we participate the for the program and is it necessary to be your client to be an affiliate?

    I have read about the commission's and the period you would be providing it. Please put on some light, so that I can refer you few clients.

    Re: Affiliate

    Hi Tristan,

    You can sign up for our Affiliate Program by registering here: Affiliate Program | eUKhost

    It is not necessary to be our client and you can directly refer clients to us using your Affiliate ID which you get after registration.

    When you generate a referral sale you get the defined commission amount and it is processed after 30 days of the sign up since we have a 30 day money back guarantee on our services.

    If you need any more information about our Affiliate program then feel free to ask.
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      Re: Affiliate

      Registration process is just like a normal sign up process it would take couple of minutes to complete the registration process. Once the registration part is completed, log in to the affiliate dashboard and select the banner or text link ads for your website/blog. Add the banner/text link ad on your website, when a visitor clicks on these banner/text ad he will land on our website. If he orders any hosting service from our website, you will be rewarded with the referral commission for it. All this activity is tracked in our affiliate system.
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        Re: Affiliate

        Thank you Eric and James for your detailed explanation, it looks more simple now....