It's hard to find someone like Leon

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    It's hard to find someone like Leon

    Hi all,
    I purchased 1 dedicated server from EUK host.
    after using the service for a while - I had some questions and technical issues.

    There is 1 person I can always count on - his name is Leon Brooks.
    This guy is from the sales team - I bought the service because of him.

    If I have any question or problem - he is there to help.
    He answers any e-mail I send, helps me over the phone and whenever he promises to check something and call back - he actually do that.

    I already have 3 different servers with the company thank to his great service.

    So Leon,
    Thank you for everything and I hope we will continue to work for long time.

    Kind regards,

    Hello Bar,

    Thank you for your honest appreciation for Leon. I am sure he will be glad to know his hard work is paying off with honest sincere customer appreciation .