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    Let me to introduce myself first, my name is adel, and a few months ago I decided to start to enter the world of e-commerce and of course the first thing you think about it is the project, but nevertheless, being new in this world, the first question that comes to my mind what is the company that will help me to start this project without any problems, because I need to think about my project,and not thinking in solving problems with the servers or even the company that hosted my site then
    And initiated the search for the right company in the Arab countries and the results were very sad
    And then initiated search for American companies and the result is an space ​​unlimited + and the transfer of data is unlimited and and and ... etc., but it was not satisfied with those offers
    , Even visit the company eukhost and that was a coincidence by search engines, I saw that offers a realistic comparison with the specifications and with the price, and I've chosen, although the biggest problem I had is that I do not speak English well (translation of Google is my friend) and really was right , and every word found on the site is true and not fiction..

    As for the technical support team

    In fact the transaction was good by a team of technical support and has to help me meet all my requests and though I do not speak English very well, however they did not back down to help me
    I am happy because I'm choose EUKHOST and I will never think to choose another company
    And wonderful service is a service of live chat , It's really a 24 / 7 Online is not like other companies.
    eukhost always distinct


    And that is my new website humble ( or )

    I am sorry for any spelling errors as I mentioned, I do not speak English
    Regards to all

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    Thank you for taking the time to post a testimonial. Because of how affordable we are, we do actually have many many international customers as well - in Asia and America.

    If it is okay with you, I can transfer this thread to the testimonials section of this forum. Please let me know if this is okay with you .



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      No problem and I'm sorry if I put subject in the wrong section


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        No problem. Transferred .