Problem with email forwarding with eUKhost?

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    Problem with email forwarding with eUKhost?

    I switched to eUKHost back in September. I don't use the onsite webmail, but rather have all of the email for my domains forwarded to gmail accounts.

    Today I realised that for at least the last month, some significant percentage of my forwarded mail is being significantly delayed, taking between 3 days and 3 weeks to be delivered to my gmail accounts.

    I never had this sort of problem with my old host (though I had other issues, which is why I switched) with forwarding mail.

    Have other people had similar issues? And/or suggestions on webhosts which don't have such issues (in the $60/year range)?

    Do you have a support ticket reference for this issue? If not I would suggest letting our technical support team check this once. Alternatively you may PM me the domain name over which this issue is being faced and I'll have our team look for the cause of this issue.
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