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  • Great job live Chat

    I don't why people have so many problems with live chat. I was just on with them and he did what i asked and problem is being solved.

    maybe if people treated them like a person you would get better results here's a copy of my chat he was very good and I thank him for his help great job Abraham

    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Abraham S'
    Abraham S: Hello and Welcome to Live Chat Support.
    Abraham S: How may I assist you today ?
    Abraham S: Hi Joe,
    joe xxxxx: hi abraham can you check this for me please RBX-287-88769
    joe xxxxx: get a system admin to look at it
    Abraham S: Please allow me couple of minute to go through the ticket.
    joe xxxxx: sure
    Abraham S: Have you made any changes at your end ?
    joe xxxxx: just the update for whm/cpanel
    Abraham S: Before update your site is working ?
    joe xxxxx: yes
    Abraham S: I have update this issue to our admins, they are working on it.
    Abraham S: You will get the reply on the same ticket.
    joe xxxxx: thank you abraham have a great nite/morning

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    Abraham is a good guy, dealth with him once or twice.

    You're right though, if you come in with the right attitude things get done quicker and better. Its understandable that people are upset, I mean they're generally on live chat because something is wrong but if you go in calm and explain things get done quicker. I've been guilty on many occasions of getting things off on the wrong foot.

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      Yeah agreed. There's never a good reason to get angry. You can get your point / dissatisfaction across while remaining polite and courteous .
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