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Awesome support - Laurence & Silvester J.

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  • Awesome support - Laurence & Silvester J.

    I don't write testimonials or reviews very often, but felt compelled this time after receiving unbelievable support today.

    it all started this morning, when after moving an account from another of our dedicated servers, the permissions and file ownership got all screwed up. I still do not know how as I have done this hundreds of times. Anyway, I tried to change the permissions & ownership of the files as I have done hundreds of times, and through lack of concentration, cocked it right up and brought the server down.

    Queue sweating, head banging, and blind panic as I couldn't even ssh into the server.

    Got onto live support and spoke to Laurence. He calmed me down, told me it could be fixed, ordered up the kvm to get into the machine and we were back in business. Over the rest of the day, Laurence proceeded to help fix the server, and I am told with a large chunk of expertise from Silvester J. approximately 6 hours later the server is now up and running.

    Personally, although I know they were only doing their jobs, I think these guys deserve a medal. This is what support is all about. Having had various servers with various companies over many years, these guys went beyond the call of duty to get this server back up on its feet and running again.

    I cannot thank them enough!

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    Re: Awesome support - Laurence & Silvester J.


    Was pleased to read this . Thank you for taking the time to post a testimonial regarding the assistance you received from Laurence and Silvester.


    Ben Stones.


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      Re: Awesome support - Laurence & Silvester J.

      Thanks Jim!

      Awesome Testimonial

      I wish we can get a Video testimonial from you. our potential customers will get impressed when they hear such words from one of our existing customers.

      what you did with your server reminds me of my major mistake that i did in December 2003. i had limited knowledge of servers in those days and one of my server hosting 500 customers went down for 11 days. 35% customers left due to that downtime and the American datacenter hosting my server refused to help. I had to get one of my friend to help me to resolve that situation.
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        Re: Awesome support - Laurence & Silvester J.

        If you want me to do anything regarding a video testimonial let me know, just drop me an email to my registered address. Would be happy to after receiving the support I received. It's the least I could do in all honesty.