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After several good years it's goodbye from me

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  • After several good years it's goodbye from me

    It all worked very well for a few years but the recent attacks on Eukhosts servers has left me with no option but to move my sites.
    I've got a good deal on a VPS and installed my own cpanel, my sites migrated without a problem and I like having root ssh and the ability to install mumble / teamspeak and whatever else I want.

    The support from Eukhost has been 1st class, polite and always prompt however Luton server has been attacked too many times causing downtime that I cannot afford any more loss and I am closing my account.

    Best Regards
    Ken Chilvers

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    Re: After several good years it's goodbye from me

    Dear Ken,

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. The last issue pertaining to Luton server on 26th September 2012 was a DDoS which was resolved by our technical team on the same day. Since then there has been no issue reported with that server and all services are working fine.

    We would ideally want you to stay with eUKhost as you have been all these years so if being on Luton server is the only concern, we can get your account migrated as it is on to a different server. If you are considering a VPS, we can provide you a good deal on one of our VPS with cPanel/WHM. With the VPS, you'd have root ssh access along with the ability to install custom software or applications of your choice.

    If there are any other concerns, please let us know.
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