Praise For Ross in the sales team

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    Praise For Ross in the sales team

    Weeks of trouble with my Platinum shared hosting account, constantly receiving MySQL Cannot Connect" errors on my pages, me suspecting I was exceeding my resources, tech guys repeatedly saying "there are no issues with the server sir" . . . . . eventually got to Sales guys and opened a second Platinum shared hosting account, then trouble with the techs over migrating add on domains, claiming it couldn't be done and that for each add on domain I'd have to recreate all databases and email settings in the new hosting account cos they could only transfer the raw files (incorrect, I know) . . . THEN discovered that the new Platinum hosting account did not have the same specs as the existing one (20 entry processes max instead of 40, half the max RAM allocation etc) so I'd paid double only to get 1.5 times increase in resorces . . . FINALLY . . .FINNALY I got into live chat with Ross who advised, helped, patiently answered questions and helped me to arrive at the sensle decision of gettng a VPS account instead . . . lots more money but he helped me close the new hosting account and transfer my money towards the VPS account, I don't think I've ever felt so pleased to be parting with money, he made me feel totally reassured that I was making the right choice for my circumstances and was totally helpful, patient and accurate with his info (when he couldn't answer a tech question, he didn't fob me off, he went and found out the answer) - i wish more customer service people would do this . . . I don't mind if you dn'tknow the answer, so long as you admit it and go find out, it doesn't reflect badly on you and Ross proves this . .

    THANKS ROSS - keep up the great work !

    Re: Praise For Ross in the sales team

    Many thanks Ashley for taking the time to post the appreciation for Ross. Messages like these mean a lot to each member of eUKhost team.

    Keep going Ross!!

    Toll Free : 0808 262 0255