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    Thanks EUKHOST and DAN G

    I've been with EUKHost for a few years and every time I've had a query, locked myself out of my server or needed migration of data the support team have been on hand 24x7 with a fast response and quick helpfull resolution.

    Having worked in the IT industry for about 15 years and managed technical staff in several departments of leading UK internet providers its always a pleasure talking to a company with staff you dont have to dumb down technical jargon. Most hosting company's seem to man support departments with staff with as much technical ability as chimps on ice skates.

    I've used several hosting companies over the past 10 years and moved to EUKhost and dreamhost from amature service providers 1and1 and con artists Heart Internet, both of which offer service as usefull as a chocolate sundial in the sahara. We run several ecommerce stores and ship globally so a fast reliable service is critical so I was very glad to have found 2 company living up to their promises and broad support scope.

    Its rare these days to find companies who have not compromised thier service for a few extra pennies of profit so credit where credit is due, keep up the good service EUKhost.


    Re: Thanks EUKHOST and DAN G

    Hi !

    Thank you for sharing your experience about EUKhost service and the assistance you received from Dan G. I have forwarded this thread to him and I'm sure that he will be happy to know this
    Kieran A.
    Cloud Administrator
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      Re: Thanks EUKHOST and DAN G

      Nice to see this kind of experience for you James. Good luck in the future as well.
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