Super support from Diana in the early hours.

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    Super support from Diana in the early hours.

    You see 24x7x365 support around a lot of places and you're never quite sure if that's true but I am so thankful that it is here. Around 3am this morning UK time I basically did something that made my server go crazy and the load rocketed causing connection issues and general non-responsiveness and so I jumped on the chat and Diana was the Agent. She was fully professional and very courteous and showed me what was causing the issue, what was going on currently and sorted out my problem and we were back to normal.

    Until that is I decided to act on the error emails I was getting about some databases needing repaired due to the above, and this is where I caused myself another huge problem about 20 mins later. Jump back on the chat and it's Diana again, felt like an idiot to be back so soon but she took it in good humour and again was properly attentive and informed of what was going on and again rectified it. She then did the repair to the database and monitored server activity for about 30 mins before giving the all clear.

    Thank you Diana, hopefully it will be a bit more time before we speak again.

    Re: Super support from Diana in the early hours.

    Dear Andy,

    We thank you greatly for your comments, this really does boost the morale of our staff. Thanks again & we promise we will continue to provide the service you should expect from a web hosting company...
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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