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  • Just A Huge Forum Post About EUKHOST

    Why write a review, to be honest I never had the urge to write a review for a company, well not a glowing one anyway. I had always been suspicious of people who left reviews. The fact of the matter is I have had such a good experience with eukhost that I really did want to put pen to paper and give these guys a pat on the back.

    So eukhost Here is my opinion.

    Chapter 1 1and1internet

    I fell in to website work by accident about 6 years ago ( a friend told me how much her site was going to cost her so I said I would do it for half the price) Signed up with 1and1 internet, got a free copy of ms frontpage with my contract for £4.99 a month got the dummies guide to frontpage 2003 and got to work, I had always used ms office and publisher at college so had an idea) my first site wasn’t the best I had no idea that something like an animated gif loading in a few seconds on a local computer would take 10 mins to load of the server for a browser. Also didn’t know that if a person doesn’t have a font you have used in your webpage that they won’t see the text as you want ( of course I now know about embedding) So I left my job as a chef and started working on the internet full time, learning and working. I accidently got site at 1st place in serps , not with link building but just dumb luck and building fresh content. I even got a site to pr4, not knowing anything about Page Ranking I let the domain expire ( I still cry about that one) so back to the story, I had been with 1and 1 for about 6 months, I tended to work through the night so I could chat live with people in the USA. Several times I had to phone up support. Which was somewhere in Asia. Now not being racist at all, these people tried their best but at sometimes there was a language barrier. A few cases of being over charged and not cancelling domain names. The other problem was that it was windows hosting with frontpage extension and I was looking to spread my wings code wise.

    Chapter 2 Dreamhost

    So my girlfriend was chatting to a friend online, who just happened to have a boyfriend in web design. She mentioned my problems and he recommended Dreamhost, Took a look at their deals and thought I had nothing to lose, $9.99 a moth with 1 free domain name, tons of server space and loads of bandwidth. So for a few years I used them with only a few problems, they were good though an email to support and things were generally sorted in 24 hours.

    … The big script. Most on my sites were small html, php of wordpress blogs so nothing to heavy for the server. I got myself a social network script, installed it and everything working well. I had some development done to the search engine within the site… Big problem they way it queried mysql it pretty much froze up the site and the server for not only me but all the poor buggers who were on my shared server. I had a couple of row with them about this while I was still in development, in the end I had to pull the search engine for the site and put it on the back burner.

    So now it had been a few years and traffic had built nicely, I had bought myself a copy of flash and the dummies guide to flash and I was sitting back playing with that, making sites that blew my mind with tons of Easter eggs.

    I started working at a large company with their main web/graphic designer. He told me to learn Dreamweaver and Photoshop if I wanted to do really well. So off to the shop £1000 later with a copy of cs3, the dummies ultimate reference for both Dreamweaver and Photoshop. So after and few month of playing about with the new software. (Still building bread and butter sites in frontpage) I gradually made the move to Dreamweaver and started to learn a bit more php and mysql. Which uses more server resource than html.

    Dreamhost had advertised there new ps server, basically a managed server all to yourself where you can choose how mush resources it has. I thought no more for a while, then after a particularly large payday I thought it would be a good investment. I went for both a web server and mysql server. Set them to the max, (as the first week was free) sat back and waited, well day 1 errors all over the shop all my sites want down, frantic messages to support, (here is the problem with support taking up to 24 hours when something really goes wrong your in real trouble) about 3 days of back and forth and everything was up and running. The server was constantly maxed out, so some more mails to see who to cache and take the heat off the server. So the end of week one and I had to start paying for what I was using. When you think I was on $9.99 a month before, I was still paying the $9.99 basic plus my mysql was running at $50+ and my main server was in the $$$. A lot of shirty emails back and forth telling them that I wanted to go back to shared hosting. Which they said I couldn’t as my usage was too high. Basically I was ******** if I set my resources to an affordable level my site weren’t showing and giving server errors. In all with heavy drops in serps, loss of earnings and cost of server run in to $$$$ in the week or so this happened. I always remember reading in a forum from someone that Dreamhost are great until you get heavy traffic. I have to agree a great budget shared host, I probably took liberties by running my full business off a $9.99 shared server.

    Chapter 3 E UK Host

    So see how much I was paying for the Dreamhost ps, I knew I could get a dedicated server. So I went frantically around Google, forums and blogs trying to find a host for me. Lots of them had good deals with tons of bandwidth a great box and so much more. But as they say price isn’t everything. I came across Eukhost, read a few good reviews about them, checked their forum and shot their support a couple of questions. I got all the answers back that I wanted. Admittedly they were not the cheapest option. But the fact that they were a UK company with UK support sealed the deal. So I spent a few hours looking at their different pans and servers. I still compared with other hosts but was about 70% sure I would go with these guys. So I bit the bullet, selected a semi dedicated server that seemed to have a shed load of ram and resources. I added cpanel, wasn’t really sure what it did but had heard a lot of people talk about it! So I got to the payment page and it had an option for a discount code, a quick search on Google found me a coupon code that would give I think 5% off the monthly price for as long as I have the server. So I got the welcome email from eukhost and read how to add domains and accounts. I spent a couple of hours looking around the master cpanel, read a few post in the forum then signed into live support. (Probably my favourite feature of the support package) I got to talk to someone in real time to help me move my first domain across including setting up mysql. (On Dreamhost you don’t have localhost but a subdomain database) So after about three hours I had my first domain moved dns pointing in the right direction and my site being served from my brand spanking new server. So the next week I moved 46 out of 50 domains over to my new server. Any time I came across some thing I didn’t know a quick chat to live support or flick through the forums and I was back on track. I still kept my Dreamhost ac as aback up.

    So the first month went by with only a couple of minor problems that were soon sorted. I had a project that required my server to had gd libraries image magik and all the stuff that comes along with it. Now the fact is I hate the server side of things, I was always happy with my shared server, someone else to take care of things for me, so I could concentrate on building websites. But I came to a situation where I had to install things on my server. The first pain is what os the server is running Linux seem to have 501 different flavours. So worked that out and found a step by step post on the forum of how to do it. I probably shouldn’t have started late at night. By the early hours of the morning things were not going well. The server was still working (thank god) but I just couldn’t get all the software to install. I went to bed defeated, awoke and started again; I must have spent a total of 8 hours trying to get this to work.. Searched the whole internet. I got parts working but not everything. So I thought I would contact support. Didn’t know if it was within their remit, but I had an email back within 10 mins to say they had installed it for me : )

    I then more recently installed a copy of wordpress mu on my server I worked on the configurations for a few hours but couldn’t get wild card subdomains to work. A quick mail to support and 10mins later it is all working.

    I again installed a copy of wordpress mu 2 days ago, not wasting anytime I contacted support straight away. 10 mins later I get a mail saying that wildcard have been enabled on that domain.

    There have been a couple of other occasions when I have broken something and support is only too happy to fix it, and always finish their emails with, “Is there anything else we can help you with”

    I had just written a long letter to support with tons of questions and thought I would let the rest of the forum know how happy I am with this hosting company.

    In a nutshell, they have made my life easier, by not having to worry about this side of things I can get on with building sites.

    On my personal experience, stay away from 1and1, use Dreamhost as a starting point, when you have a serious site move up to eukhost, (I think they do shared hoisting to so that should be pretty good too!)

    And to all the support and other staff at eukhost, thanks for saving me many a head ache.

    and then a few smiles

    cheers for all the help guys

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    Thank you for such a huge and excellent review for

    This kind of appreciation from our customers motivates all the members of staff to work even harder to provide excellent quality services to all our customers.

    Thank you!!


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      Hello ,

      Thank you for such a fantastic feedback . Such kind of appreciation only boosts our morale to give our clients 100 % customer satisfaction and motivates us to be more and more perfect.


      Paul .


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        Wow, that's a really looong post and even more so for its a testimonial. Your patience is so evident from the length, the detailing and the ability to put up with support so often

        Even though you have a semi-dedicated server, the vps support team would only be too happy to solve any problem you have. We give priority to troubleshooting and then installations when a customer requests for it. You have my assurance of not having to suffer on account of lack of support. We at eUKhost support and the VPS/Semi-dedicated team in particular are delighted to have such a solid backing of our efforts, you being our customer puts the cherry on the icing.

        Thank you for all your effort and time. Please be assured of continued services and support as always.

        Best Regards,
        Senior System Administrator


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          Originally posted by stagchick View Post
          Why write a review, to be honest I never had the urge to write a review for a company, well not a glowing one anyway. I had always been suspicious of people who left reviews. The fact of the matter is I have had such a good experience with eukhost that I really did want to put pen to paper and give these guys a pat on the back.
          Hi Robert,

          Thanks for such a fantastic review. I can't stop smiling.

          I guess you have never written so many words even to your GF.
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            Re: Just A Huge Forum Post About EUKHOST

            Hi Robert, just wondering if your still with Eukhost? I'm just wondering if you can post a short review?
            VPS | Dedicated


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              Re: Just A Huge Forum Post About EUKHOST

              Thank you so much, for your time and wonderful review..., it will not only help us to rejuvenate our level of service but also to follow our pledge.
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