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    Several months back alot of people were allocated account managers for a single point of contact.... the welcome email to it was :-

    The Accounts Manager would be your single point of contact in case of any service related Technical, Billing or Server Upgrade related queries

    we emailed ours 5 days ago wanting to raise an issue.... have not yet had a response

    has anyone else had any problems emailing theirs?

    Its a small whinge granted, the rest of the service here is excellent, but its small things like a single person not responding that spoils it....

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    Hello Lance,

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Keith Anderson is your account manager and I am not sure why your email was not replied. I will ask him to give you a call as soon as he comes in.


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      Issue has been resolved for a few days now though Jack, I merely wanted to highlight the issue


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        I'm sure its a exception to the rule. Glad to hear that your problems sorted .
        David Smith
        Managing Director
        DPS Computing Limited

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          Yeah, glad to hear that!
          .....aaahh...some1 jst shot me :P