Poll: Automatic Credit Card Billing?

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    Poll: Automatic Credit Card Billing?

    Hello All,

    As I'm sure you are aware, eUKhost offers a wide choice when it comes to payment options. One option we are considering is whether or not there would be much demand for automatic credit card billing on your invoice due date. From my own research in the hosting industry, I estimate that uptake would be less than 1% on such a payment option, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding eUKhost customers wishes during my research

    So, the poll is quite simple, please answer it honestly, as it will help determine if we offer this option or not.

    To those of you who wonder why we don't automatically do this anyway, the integration cost is quite high and there is an increased fraud risk, for which the hosting industry suffers rather uniquely from.
    Yes, I've wanted this for sometime!
    I'm not entirely sure if I would use it, as I am quite happy with the current payment options.
    No, I will not use it.

    I haven't wanted it for some time, but it is an option I would use, assuming the billswere correct and there was no need to query them.


    (Doh, didn't notice the original post date with all the spamming above)
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      yet again great control of the spam there mods.. well done.


        [QUOTE=neera38;84975]Automatic bill pay is a convenient way to pay recurring bills, but the decision to use it shouldn't be automatic.
        These automatic payments make it easier to run up your balance on a credit card or overdraw an account. Automatic payments also give you less incentive to audit your bills to make sure all the charges you're paying are yours.
        And having hands other than yours reaching into your bank account or adding charges to your credit card can quickly get complicated if you don't keep a close eye on your finances.

        You can always run through the bank statements to check whether the amount that is going out of your bank account is valid. IMO. it one of the easier and secure means to avoid late charges on any of the recurring payments. It seems you don't cross verify your expenses with the bank statement :wink: