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Dedicated Server Password limit - too short

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  • Dedicated Server Password limit - too short

    Well, when I was signing up, I was expecting to see quite a high limit for passwords, but I didn't ... 8 characters, now, that's pretty small. My passwords are pretty bit really, and, it's quite hard to maintain many passwords. Any possibility of that changing?

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    Hello Temur,

    You can change this password upon accessing cPanel, for both cPanel and WHM. And you can change the password to characters more than 8 chars. in cPanels' password manager.


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      Hello Tatiana,

      Password that you need to put at the time of signup is not for your dedicated server. Password for dedicated server is generated by a software that we have in our datacenter and this password would be quite complicated for anyone to try and even you wont be able to memorize this password.

      You will receive welcome email on Monday morning for your server. You mentioned that you need this server for running gaming applications so please let me know if the OS should be 64 bit or 32 bit.

      So far We've setup 64 bit Windows Standard operating system for all customers running game servers but call verification is pending for your signup and you mentioned "please do not ring unless it\\\\\\\'s an emergency" in the comment field

      Let me know what would be the convenient time to call you so that I can ask one of our phone support executives to call you and discuss the server configuration before we proceed to setup.
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