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    I know we have a 'new posts' button on the forum, which is good, but it obviously only displays new posts with no replies from yourself.

    Is it possible to get a 'new posts since last visit' button as well? .

    That would be extremely helpful! .
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    Not by default. If you're looking to get updates on threads you've been involved in you could subscribe to them. It's something we can look into some time in the future perhaps.


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      @ SSA >>> Near future?? or its a long term plan?


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        Originally posted by chrisluger20 View Post
        @ SSA >>> Near future?? or its a long term plan?
        Hi Chris and David,

        We're discussing about this as I speak . We'll get back to you both to see whether we can do something like this.


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          I am on your side David

          I was using code in the browser to get the posts, but having the option in top navigation will be more beneficial. I'll also need to sort out this irritating smilies.

          any other suggestions to make the forum more happening like it was with the old theme?
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            I have joined the forum recently and I was actually looking for that button. I know I am spoiled by other forums. Definitely will give +1 for this features.