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Live Chat should be closed - gives bad rep for EUKHOST

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  • Live Chat should be closed - gives bad rep for EUKHOST

    That is all.

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    Youre going to have to elaborate on that. I have had nothing but good support from live chat the last couple of years.

    I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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      Live chat is a good service for my business. I can get someone focused on an issue without delay.

      I am aware that I am speaking to the first person in a chain and I need to get the operator to focus on my issue, realise the importance and involve the right technical support person asap. No problem - I understand what I need to do, do that and get the result I need.

      Leave live chat in place.

      Now if you have an issue please provide more details so we can help you to get more out of the live chat service. At the moment you have provided no details and cannot get a decent response.


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        Originally posted by mojo1337 View Post
        That is all.
        Are you even a customer of Eukhost? Or are you paid by any of our competitors for defaming us? Your email address registered on the forums isn't found anywhere on our billing or customer databases & that your local network's IP address isn't found in the similar way too. I noticed that ever since you've joined this community forums, it's only been baseless complaints instead of queries or asking for solutions. Please bear in mind that this is not a right place to complain (& specially when you don't have your services hosted with us) & rant over any issues but asking for solutions out of the box or to a community openly. Please provide all the relevant/proper details of your account & the exact problems you're facing here. I'll be asking the forum moderators to ban your account by next 24 hours if you don't reply back to all your threads/posts you've posted so far.
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