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Paypal launches new payments solution: can you integrate?

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  • Paypal launches new payments solution: can you integrate?

    Hi Eukhost and members,

    Have you seen that Paypal has just launched a new merchant account and gateway solution in one (Website Payments Pro)? Trouble is, it can only be easily integrated with certain shopping carts. Unfortunately, Agora isn't one of them.

    However, OS Commerce (free open source) is on their approved set-up lost. As I and many of your members would be interested in a much cheaper payments solution on our website hostings, would you be able to set up OS Commerce as an easy download on cpanel?

    No, I don't get commission from recommending Paypal (!) but I can see this as a lot cheaper -and easier- than opening a fully-fledged merchant account with a bank and then paying a payment gateway provider!

    Just a thought -what does everyone else think (see Payal's website hosting for details .

    Cheers all.

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    hmm interesting, thanks for bringing me up to date..i'll keep a look at it!


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      From personally experienece it's not that hard for people to download and install themselves. Also having tried both I'd recommend ZenCart over OSC.
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        im kinda confused here, what about paypal? i use it for my website hosting, for donations and such


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          naru, the difference is that with 'standardl' paypal, you have to leave your website hosting to go to paypal's website hosting to pay and then back again. this way, the shopping cart and payment happens all within your own website hosting, thus appearing more professional and leading to less 'dropped' payments.


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            oh, i see,thanks for the info, thats nice,i think i might consider it for future use