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    If possible, please could you make a suggestion or implement procedure's with your support guys, which means that a VPS Hosting or Server will not be rebooted without asking first.

    My situation was that, I had a problem with plesk not working on my VPS Hosting but my website hostings were still working. The support person via MSN chat decided to reboot the server and this meant a client of mine phoned straight away complaining (he watches his website hosting like a hawk).

    My problem is not with the server being rebooted to fix the problem, because I understand this is the quickest and simplest solution. My problem was that if he told me he was going to reboot, I would have told him to wait till the evening (or I would have done it myself).

    I understand that rebooting servers must be routine for all your support guys, but to us user it has to be planned as much as possible.

    Finally, I am not saying that if you see a problem you should contact the customer as that is not feasible. Just that more consideration should be made before taking down a server, even for a couple of minutes.

    I hope this is taken into consideration, generally I find support to be top class.

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    Hello Morledge,

    I will email this on our staff mailing list to make this clear to all support staff. most of the times VPS Hosting run out of memory and website hostings start giving errors so reboot remains the last option to reduce memory usage.

    you may face problem for 2 - 5 minutes but there''s no alternative to reduce memory usage.
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      Thanks, I appreciate that.

      I completly understand that sometimes a reboot is unavoidable, but I think communcation is the key. If the support guy had said "we need to reboot your server because there is a memory problem and it will only get worse if we dont reboot now", then I would have been perfectly happy.

      In my case though I don't believe it was a memory issue, but your the experts

      Thanks again
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