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  • Satisfaction Survey

    I wonder if the Satisfaction Survey could be reworded? Last night I received an email that my VPS was down and that it was being looked into as an Emergency. Not long after things were sorted. Given that I hadn't even noticed there was a problem until I got the email, I was delighted by the service and happy to say so on the survey.

    However, there were a couple of problems with the wording:
    • The feedback questions assume that I contacted an agent, whereas the ticket was raised automatically by the monitoring system. I was kept informed but didn't need to talk to anybody.
    • I'd like to answer "Would you recommend our services?" with Yes, but that requires me to give a specific name whereas I would just like to recommend Eukhost generally.

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    Re: Satisfaction Survey

    Hello Steve,

    We are pleased to know that you were delighted with our monitoring system and our pro-active approach. We have noted your feedback about the Satisfaction Survey questions and amendments will be made in those questions shortly by our QA team
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