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  • Get more support staff!

    I'm not saying replace any or anything like that!

    I'm just saying get some additional ones! As I guess that the chap that replied to my recent support ticket was rushed off his feet...

    Hello Eddy (surname - snipped),
    We have set the removed the CT_limit which mange the number of limit connections to the VPS. Now, now temporary IP will blocked in firewall because of number of connections.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

    (Name - snipped)

    I think I get what he's trying to tell me! Anyway, as long as it works now and it was a very rapid response to my issue! So top marks for that... as usual

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    Hi Eddy,

    Our VPS Team is overloaded from last 2 - 3 weeks as we have scheduled migration of some old Q6600 servers. Migration of each VPS is like migration of one Dedicated Server and we have made it clear to our staff that there should not be any downtime for any VPS customer.

    I have asked VPS Staff to re-read their answers before answering tickets. Same guys post here in their free time and you can see the quality of their posts on the forum. We have hired 2 new Staff members today and they will join the VPS Team from 1st Feb.

    Please be assured from our side as things will improve in next few weeks.
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      Hear hear!

      Well said Mark!


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        Well, they worked till early in the morning sorting out my VPS for me, so I can't really complain.

        Nice work fellas...


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          Personally I think the support is second to none, i have tried many web hosts and none have been as good as eukhost

          Its great having a small team it means they all talk about issues and they get fixed faster
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