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  • Importance of Backup

    This forum is for customers suggestions but here is a suggestion from our side. I have included a chat transcript with minor modifications to let you know what can happen to your business when there's no backup with you.

    Some young boys make fortune online with their enthusiasm and youth power but this passionate Geeks forget importance of backup. Just read following transcript to see what someone feels after loosing all that was earned through hard work :-
    User: hi mrak, im in big problem , i can not enter my website hosting, even the FTP i cant enter it also
    Mark: when did this happen ?
    User: there is somthing i can not figure it
    User: just now
    User: may be i did some thing wrong
    User: i dont no
    Mark: ok
    User: can u chek it for me please
    Mark: let me look into it
    User: what happen, did every thing erased ?? or what
    Mark: nope
    User: so
    Mark: seems like your IP got blocked in firewall
    User: where is the site
    User: ???
    Mark: website hosting is working for me
    User: can u fix it
    Mark: do you know what is the SSH port for your server ?
    User: SSH ====> the server details is :
     port : xxxx password : xxxxxxxxxx
    Mark: right now your website hosting is showing directory listing
    User: so, everything is erased
    User: the files
    User: where is the website hosting content
    User: the forums
    User: the download section ?
    Mark: have you done something on the server ?
    User: i think i did
    Mark: it has no database, no accounts no sign of anything
    Mark: :(
    User: so every thing erased
    User: oohh my god
    User: u can not return it
    Mark: Mon Nov 20 13:47:03
    Mon Nov 20 13:51:50
    Mon Nov 20 13:56:12
    Mark: you deleted your account from WHM
    User: so
    User: u can not return it
    User: im gona cry
    User: oh my god
    Mark: wait
    Mark: let me see if something can be done
    User: please
    User: do it
    Mark: :(
    User: damn
    Mark: yu deleted that before 20 mins
    Mark: its too late now
    Mark: you should have told me to make a backup first :(
    User: i think that
    User: oh my god
    User: nothing can be done
    User: please
    User: tell me if anything can be done
    User: pleeeeeeeeeease
    User: :(
    Mark: server has got only 4 GB of total data right now
    Mark: not even a single file or database was backedup
    Mark: :(
    User: :(
    User: im gona cry
    User: what is the 4 giga that left
    Mark: /usr and /var libraries of server and cpanel
    User: so
    User: can u prepare it again so i can start new website hosting for the zeron
    User: zero*
    Mark: yes
    Mark: you want me to create it from the WHM ?
    User: so do it please
    User: i dont no, im really confuse now
    User: i can not think of any thing
    User: i will contact u later
    User: im really sad
    Mark: ok
    User: thank u Mrak, bye :(
    Mark: contact us once you have some peace of mind
    Mark: bye
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    Does this mean, this customer has lost all of his data?
    Is there is any way to restore it back ?


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      He had only 1 drive on his server and a single website hosting running from it. He never considered a backup drive or any configuration from our side to setup weekly or daily backup for his server.

      He terminated his account from WHM and close to 100GB data was lost within couple of minutes. He would have never downloaded data of 100GB on his local drive so it seems that we have lost a dedicated server customer.
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        Speaking of backups, have you folks considered offering daily backup (even on-site) of shared servers? I imagine we'd be willing to pay extra for it, and I doubt we're alone.


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          At the end of the day to an extent it is your responsibility to backup your own website hosting. As a general rule of thumb never rely on the web host to have a backup, assume they do not have one. Whilst it seems like extra work for yourself you do not necessarily realise how valuable the backups are until you need them.

          In terms of backing up databases I'd recommend downloading a backup once a week. In terms of content on the website hosting I personally always keep a copy of my website hosting files as well as settings files of web-based software on my website hostings.
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            Sometimes daily backup is also not sufficient. I cannot imagine loosing data of our billing system of even 1 day as that would result in big loss.

            We take weekly backup of shared accounts and once in a month we move that backup to our backup server located in off-shore datacenter. We are considering separate backup service in which we will provide a ftp account to our customers and they can use their FTP space to make daily or weekly backup of their account. In case of linux - cpanel accounts we can setup rsync scripts for customers to have their backup copied daily on their ftp space.

            We will start this backup service by the end of this week.
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