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  • sort the billing dept out

    I like EUK, i think they're a great server and hosting provider. Support is good, servers are good, all round excellent. The billing dept on the other hand.. awful, particularly when it comes to SSL.

    I've had problem after problem when it comes to SSL purchase and billing from the billing dept. The most recent being an expired SSL where the invoice was paid (by the company owner) but the renewal isnt done automatically and no reminders are sent !! This means the only time when were aware of the SSL expriing is a few days later when we see the error message.

    If the invoice is paid, why is the SSL not renewed automatically? if this is not possible, why is an email reminder not sent for the details? I cant see why the details cant be taken from the previous years certificate either.

    Why all the changes with the SSL providers too? I know some are better than others, but in that case find a decent well known one and stick with it. I'd rather pay extra for a verisign or a comodo than mess aboout backwards and forwards with yet another of EUK's new SSL providers.

    And yes, i know i can install it myself, but i'm simply not savvy enough or have got the time... but i'm thinking of going down this road as i simply cant trust EUK to sort it out correctly.

    Thanks for listening to my rant

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    We apologise for the trouble you had with SSL Certificate renewal. We will setup something in our Billing system to set SSL renewal invoices in pending statte till someone manually approves a paid invoice.

    Our billing system has no API for SSL renewal and billing staff finds it difficult to check hundreds of paid invoices every day.

    Please accept my apologies, but we will put some system in place for SSL renewal.
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      okay thanks, i appreciate it must be diffuclt to keep track. But, something must auto generate the invoice, so it makes sense to also trigger a reminder to either the billing dept or the customer to renew the SSL, but obviously i dont know your system.

      The SSL just seems a weak point.. i've no problems with any other billing aspects, only when it comes to SSL. I've expererienced some terrible mess ups in the past when it comes to ordering or renewing SSL with EUK.

      Anyway, i'll leave it with you. Thanks for the reply.