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Phusion Passenger on shared hosting??

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  • Phusion Passenger on shared hosting??


    I recently released an opensource craigslist clone railslist developed on Rails. About 300+ downloaded it from Craigslist Clone.

    However, some are finding it difficult to deploy as Rails deployment is not as easy as PHP. This can be resolved if they use Phusion Passenger.

    Do you have any plans to provide shared hosting with Phusion Passenger installed?. If you do, I can recommend it from my site, so that people can signup for your service.

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    At the moment, we do not have any shared servers with Phusion Passenger installed on them. I'll have a word with our CTO in this regard to see if we can install this on one of our shared servers.

    Having said that, you can also recommend one of our virtual private servers on which a user can install any third party software/applications of his/her choice as long as the system requirements are supported.
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