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Consider optimizing for better vBulletin support

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  • Consider optimizing for better vBulletin support

    One thing I can tell you is this. I won't mention the companies name here. But they joined the website hosting to keep track of vBulletin board changes because they realized that the most used board out there is vBulletin. So they tend to optimize there servers for it to be used at there host. Which has proved a good move for them in getting mention and recommended all the time at vBulletin which has seen there server grow 10 fold.

    They have installed things like FastCGI and eAccelerator and on there shared host accounts which is normally only found on dedicated servers. These are some idea you could use to boost the shared host accounts here by installing the same.
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    Hello Gary,

    eAccelerator bugs created problems for our dedicated servers in past and its lil risky to use eAccelerator. Your suggestion about and server tweaks for vbulletin forums is really good and I'll have our sales team to get started with your suggestions.

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