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Is there a better eCommerce alternative to Magento?

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  • Is there a better eCommerce alternative to Magento?

    My designers and developers have been working with Magento for quite sometime now, yet they happen to miss their deadlines quite often. When asked, they give excuses saying, working with Magento consumes too much time and as the deadline approaches, frustrations starts building up due to the fact that Magento has too many bugs and is a lot slower. Above all, their support too is much slower if you aren't a customer using Pro or Enterprise Edition.

    Can someone please suggest, (1) whether that actually is the case with using Magento? and (2) If yes then, would Drupal hosting or Joomla Hosting be a better alternative ?
    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Magento is large and integrated with loads of features (and counting) and one of the difficulties associated with it is to find a knowledgeable Magento expert for support. It is considered to an over-kill for the vast majority of all Ecommerce website projects as it is targetted towards enterprise class Ecommerce sites. Stores that have a large volume of sales and want to leverage advanced tools available with it.

    So I would say if you project isn't too large, you'd be better off with an alternative.
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      Magento is indeed difficult to use and the loads of features offered with it are good but not for someone who has not used it before. Infact, users who has used Magento also find it difficult to work with it at times. Hence, if you are looking forward to start off with an E-commerce system, it's better to start off with simple ones like Zencart or OScommerce.

      Zencart and OScommerce are E-commerce systems which are simpler to use. These systems include all the features one needs for the website. Also, these systems can be installed with a few simple clicks from cPanel control panel (which is offered with Linux Web Hosting plans) and hence users can install Zencart or OScommerce on their website easily.


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        Magento is a great platform but in my opinion when you are trying to start an ecommerce business, there is more to it than a website and platform. you also need a team which is actually taking care of your website after it is developed and integrated with a platform.

        So in my opinion you should try these

        1. bigcommerce if you want a template type website. This is way too costly for custom designed websites
        2. apptivo if you want a custom designed and developed website. In fact Apptivo has some offers for entrepreneurs where they provide free website, so you can try contacting them for that. try searching apptivo and you can see the press release.


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          And an other option that works very well on many setups is Joomla+VirtueMart.

          Great features and designs - and there are a variety of modules to support everything an eshop might need.

          I have build my portal


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            I use CS Cart, I can believe what your designers are saying. Evening just trying to run an Ecommerce store in Magneto is very confusing and complicated. It's my least favourite Ecommerce software.

            CS Cart is good and they have just released a free Community edition as well as the paid Professional edition.

            Out of the other free open source packages, the onlt one worth considering is Prestashop, but it does have it's own issues.

            ZenCart is just to old a release and to get functionality you want, you need to keep adding add ons which is a nightmare.

            You may want to have a look at CS Cart. You can try online demo or even download a 30 day trial version or just use the Free community version.


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              oscommerce is a bad joke..

              Magneto is where it is at for e-commerce at the moment.

              Why not find a host who offers Magento specific support that way your team can pass back support calls or grab a freelancer when you need additional support.

              I always think that if you are going to go to the effort of building an online bushiness you might as well start as you mean to go. Select a platform that will grow with you not one you will out grow.


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                Well... everything depends on how big you want to become !!!

                For a small eshop with a few hundreds of products don't really need can go with Virtuemart or CS Cart

                I have build my portal


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                  Magento is very capable, but can be a nightmare to work with.

                  Try Prestashop, it's current and easier to use.


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                    nope i dont think so..........


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                      well my vote is also for CS Cart as its very simple and user friendly
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                        It is hard to imagine an alternative to Magento that would be equal to it in performance, built-in features, functionality and ease-to-use. You can find certain separate features, like open source, cost-efficient pricing policy, order and product management, social media integrations, multistore management from one admin panel, analytics and reporting in different ecommerce platforms, but only Magento contains them all.