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How to set up automatic SMS alert sending service?

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  • How to set up automatic SMS alert sending service?

    I am sorry for posting this, as it may be a ridiculous question. But, I need to know about it. I am trying to create an weather (mainly earthquake) alert service for people in my city. I am trying to build a service that will send SMS to people's mobile numbers (who will opt in to get alerts) automatically whenever a earthquake will happen.
    I have searched many sites for something that will help me in achieving this goal, but no use. I have tried to use the Google SMS Channel, but it's not at all good. It sends alerts after 30 to 40 minutes from the time of earthquake. So, I am asking all of you for a little help if you can suggest me of any service (mainly free as I will be doing it for the good of the people) or anything that might help me in setting up this service. Hope I'll get good suggestions and help from you in my mission to help people. Thanks in advance...

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    The most important factor is this case is the SMS Gateway for which you'd have to contact your local wireless telecommunication provider. They can offer you the SMS Gateway API's essential for setting up an SMS Gateway.
    You'd need to build a website and include the API codes into it to make the gateway functional. Integrating the SMS Gateway is simple and straight-forward process, you usually aren't required to download and install any SMS software.

    We can provide you with the underlying platform such as server, OS etc. essential for the functioning of the Gateway. You may choose amongst various affordable web hosting packages that we offer. Depending on the Gateway requirements, we would set-up the server infrastructure for you.

    You may even contact online SMS Gateway providers in your region, buy SMS credits and the API's from them and setup the service that you intend to offer.

    You may contact our Sales Department via. 24x7 Live Chat available on the website or send an email to sales[@] and ask for a quotation based on your server requirements.
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      Re: How to set up automatic SMS alert sending service?

      In case if you wish to setup such a service, try the solution offered by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. THis gateway can be integrated to almost any system, so it worth a try. It is quite reliable and can send 500 sm per second. I guess its a good feature if you wanna notify people about an earthquake.