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  • Upgrading account

    I've raised ticket HXT-820-40439, however as more than 24hrs have elapsed so far I thought I'd enquire via the forums...

    At work we currently use reseller hosting and we are looking to upgrade to VPS hosting. What is the procedure for upgrading? Presumably at some point I'd need to contact support (once all sites are migrated) to terminate the reseller account.
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    I have assigned Ticket: HXT-820-40439 to me and will reply to it within 30 minutes.


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      Your ticket was in 'Pre-Sales' queue which is not actively monitored as tickets which are replied but awaiting Client Response or tickets which are kept on hold are generally moved to this queue. The 'Sales' queue is actively monitored by our Sales Team and the response time for Sales Tickets has always been few minutes. Ross is looking into your ticket now and he will respond to it shortly.
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        I have replied the Ticket. Please update it so that we can proceed with the upgrade.


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          Thanks. I wasn't too sure which department the enquiry was best suited to at the time.
          To err is human, but to really screw up you need a computer.


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            That's fine I have placed the order on your behalf and sent a Invoice as discussed in ticket. Please make the payment so that we can proceed with the server setup


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              Hope you've managed to get it all sorted .
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