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Is it correct to say that all Shared Hosting?

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  • Is it correct to say that all Shared Hosting?


    It seems like the general consensus is that Shared Hosting is bad, and managed hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting of some sort is almost always the way to go in terms of website performance.

    I've been using NameCheap, and will probably be switching to WPEngine soon. Is comparing shared hosting plans worth the effort when you're just going to upgrade to something better when your business starts growing anyway?

    If I'm validating an idea or something I don't want to fork out $29/month for hosting, but don't want to stress about which $4/month hosting company is the least bad when i'm just going to upgrade in a couple months anyway.

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    I wouldn't go on state shared hosting as bad in comparison to VPS and Dedicated Servers. There is a reason why all these hosting types co-exist in the market and each type have a substantial customer base. It boils down to what a website actually requires and knowing when a website has outgrown the shared hosting platform. Moreover the price difference among them is quite high which sort of nullifies any such comparison.

    Website performance from shared hosting also varies upon lot of other factors such as resources on offer, restrictions (if any) being applied by the web host on servers, quality of hardware, back-end infrastructure and so on.
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