Amazon Web Services Outage(data center) because of Violent storm- looking for servers

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    Amazon Web Services Outage(data center) because of Violent storm- looking for servers

    The world news speaks about a Violent storm on Friday night, the lightning of storm took out part of Amazon's cloud-computing service, called Amazon Web Services, and hundreds of companies were faced downtime, data storage problems and computation. The clients of large organizations like Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram were not accessible for hours.

    This is an unforseen risk for which Amazon web services was not prepared and it has not only down the Amazon web services for time but also make loss of life and damage to homes and businesses. The customers have very little information about what had happened, or even whether user data was safe. I am using Amazon services from last 3 years and I got shocked after reading the downtime news and my sites are not working. I have made calls try to get whats going on their but no one was able to give me the answers. 5 Dedicated servers were down at the same time. I have a vast online business and my business stuck like in the middle of no where.

    I have finally decided to move from Amazon and decided to have 5 dedicated servers from you guys. I have heard about your services. You are been deploying hosting services form last decade and I would like to host 5 Dedicated servers with you. It is really hard to face such time when you just watch and can't do anything, The situation was same but I hope eUKhost will deploy me quality service and support to save my data from such critical situations in future.

    To provide services to anyone is to create trust but Amazon web service has lost its reputation and from most of the world news I heard that Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram is also down and people left their services and Amazon web services are facing a real hard time now a days.

    The storm system that knocked out Amazon's center also caused widespread damage over the weekend in West Virginia, D.C., and the capital's Virginia and Maryland suburbs. Virginia officials Sunday increased the death toll in that state to seven. At least 13 people were killed in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. Many large companies are moving to the cloud as well, but may now look at Amazon Web Services as a stopgap as much as a primary provider.

    Sorry to hear you've had issues with Amazon. I hope it's all been resolved now.

    Amazon's clusters are different to ours. They've built their systems based on the idea that your software or website knows how to deal with outages by switching over to different locations. Our cluster decides for itself what to do if a node goes down and if your server should be restarted elsewhere. The clustering technology is hosted by us; not by you; and that is probably one of the biggest differences. That's only the case for our cloud hosting solutions though. A dedicated server is a different solution but I assume you're looking for a cloud based product. The redundancy on a dedicated server is different to cloud hosting for example.

    Feel free to get in touch with our sales department if you haven't done so already. It's probably a good idea to discuss any technical details too as it can help us build the right solution for you.


      Hello Amelie,

      Indeed its a hard time when your services are down due to such natural calamities and there is nothing that can be done at your end but to switch your host. I regret the fact that you were amongst the people who had to suffer.

      Now that you are planning to opt for dedicated servers, I would be glad to assist you in the server selection. Please let me know your minimum requirements so that I can suggest you with the most appropriate servers and try to offer you the best possible deal.

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