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  • Apple iphone Web Hosting

    I have a plan to develop Apple iphone application and want to sell it online and for that I am in need of hosting. But I am new to this I have no idea which server is best for me. Few Applications are given for free and some are been charged. Please guide me with servers. Thank you.

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    Re: Apple iphone Web Hosting

    Hi There,

    You can either order a Linux VPS or a Linux Cloud hosting plan. make your website in HTML or PHP, have a shopping cart installed on your website and start selling the application online. people will download the application once they order from your shopping cart. your system should send them download link once payment is received from your customers.

    You can consider a Windows VPS or Windows cloud package if you wish to develop your website in .Net with MSSQL database.
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      Re: Apple iphone Web Hosting

      Obviously when it comes to iOS applications they can only be sold through Apple's iOS App Store. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a website for your iOS application as the centre point for marketing/advertising your iOS application.

      As to whether you require a VPS, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server or Shared Hosting depends entirely on your requirements. If your website is new and/or doesn't receive a high volume of daily or simultaneous traffic, I'd recommend Shared Hosting in this case as it is the most affordable and will suit your requirements well for the foreseeable future. Of course, if you need to upgrade to a more robust solution in the future such as Cloud Hosting, our support technicians will assist you in the migration of your website over for free.

      As to whether you require Linux- or Windows-based web hosting depends on what applications and technologies you are going to be using. If you are developing or want to use web applications developed for the Windows hosting platform (such as technologies like .NET or MSSQL back-end databases), then you'll need to opt for Windows Hosting, as these technologies do not run on the Linux hosting platform. However, unless you have specific requirements, Linux hosting will suffice well and supports popular technologies and scripting languages like PHP, MySQL, etc. Linux hosting includes any cPanel hosting services, including our cPanel Shared Hosting packages.

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.