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Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

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  • Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

    Hello Mates,

    I would like to know what solution do you prefer the most, while purchasing a hosting account for your VPS or Website or Server ?


    1. Cheap Price
    2. Quality
    3. 24 x 7 Support
    4. Pricing over Quality or Quality over Everything

    I am stuck in the discussion with my friends and colleagues. I chose "Quality over Everything" they stated me wrong. What's your opinion on this I would like to know the logic why people choose "pricing over everything"....... any help from you will be very much appreciated?.


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    Re: Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

    I think Quality Over Everything is the right approach. If you go with a cheap service which may not be of god quality and as a result you have to face problems which may cost you so it is better to pay little extra and avoid such problems.


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      Re: Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

      Hi friend,

      I would prefer to have Quality over Everything while purchasing a hosting account for VPS or Website or Server. With Quality over Everything we will not have to compromise on any of the aspects, the services rendered will be the best and will apparently enhance our website performance. This will eventually help us and our website to grow better.

      Today if we search for hosting services we will get n number of hosting providers with cheap prices, but with them we may have to bare the hidden charges, settle down without 24 x 7 technical support or technical support with additional charges. On the other hand we may also come across the companies with huge commitments but fail to deliver the services.

      In such a scenario having hosting account with Quality over Everything is the best option to go with. You can certainly look forward for as we believe to offer best services with no compromise on any aspect. Being with us you will enjoy 24 x 7 free technical support, easy and hassle free upgrades, no time bound contracts and no hidden charges at all.



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        Re: Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.


        I would prefer "Quality Over Everything" as well. Because it covers most of the points which are not mentioned above. Quality comes first in the situation where we providing services to other users/prospects/Clients, or running a online business store, or reselling data center web hosting services. With this word to "Quality" things can be considered blindfolded. Many businesses and products have achieved their goals with this featured tag "Quality".

        So I'd suggest "Quality Over Everything" is the right way.



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          Re: Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

          In today's competitive world 'Quality over everything' is the only thing that works and will save you from a lot of issues. Even if you have to pay the price for the quality, it is worth it. In the long run quality is also going to bring about cost advantage. In case of a web hosting platform, it is a long term investment for your website, therefore quality is the most important aspect.


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            Re: Pricing over quality or Quality over everything.

            If it is about selecting a web hosting platform, I would give importance to both price and quality. I wouldn’t want to opt for an extremely expensive web hosting platform. I would prefer to compare the prices and opt for the one that has an economical price and provides with the necessary basic features and thereby a good quality.