Will .exe files Supports on Shared Server

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    Will .exe files Supports on Shared Server


    I provide web development services to clients and at times need to run .exe applications for various purposes.

    I need a windows server and it would not need much resources so a shared plan would suffice.
    Do you support .exe files on shared servers?
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    Re: Running .exe files on shared server

    Hello Drakes,

    Typically the exec function is disabled in a shared server environment since it poses a security threat. We recommended opting for a private server environment like VPS, Cloud or Dedicated server in order to achieve this.

    Since you provide web development services and your requirements aren't much in terms of resources, a VPS would be ideal. VPS would also let you resell hosting to your clients and thereby offer web development and web hosting services bundled into one.
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      Re: Running .exe files on shared server

      Hi Drakes,

      As Ryan said, due to security restrictions we do not allow users to run .exe on shared servers. Since you do not need high amount resources our Windows VPS plan would be able to meet your requirements and also allow you to run all kind of files for your development needs.

      If you need more help with this then you can have a quick chat with our sales representatives our Live Chat.
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