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    Hello Team,

    I had a question, if I have a Linux re-seller account already working. Can I split my hosting server account, so that I have two different branding's for hosting companies with a single account.

    Awaiting reply.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Re-seller Hosting

    You cannot split the hosting account into two parts because you get only one WHM panel with a Linux reseller account. You can create a cPanel account from the WHM for every website. You should consider atleast one reseller account for every hosting company. This would help you to keep your hosting company data organized and the client data will not mix up. We can offer you a good deal if you sign up for two reseller hosting package.
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      Re: Re-seller Hosting

      Technically it's not feasible to have two companies under one reseller and it would also be difficult for you to manage both on a single server. Instead you could opt for two basic reseller plans for two companies and keep the two separate.
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        Re: Re-seller Hosting

        Could you please confirm if we can have R1soft backup option with a reseller hosting package. It will help us to restore the websites of our cleints when they mess up their site


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          Re: Re-seller Hosting

          Unfortunately no, we cannot provide R1Soft CDP Backup as addon service with Shared and Reseller hosting plans. However we have already included the daily and weekly backup service on our shared and reseller hosting plans to make sure that the data is secured and can be restored as per request..


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            Re: Re-seller Hosting

            That's right, you cannot purchase R1Soft CDP backups as an addon service with Shared/Reseller Hosting however we do offer daily backups with these packages through R1soft as a standard feature and these can be accessed and restored when required through your cPanel control panel itself.
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              Re: Re-seller Hosting

              Dear All,

              Thank you for your replies. 2 different shared hosting would be an option for me to go ahead?

              Thank you for the information Ryan, it's good to know